Kamis, 09 Juni 2016

How to Download Files in Blogmatematika.com


Hello bloggers. We see again. This time I will post about how to download a file or ebook in this blog. Oh yes, this blog I have given facility aimed Safelink will direct download link to the blog Safelink first. Surely there is a purpose and a specific purpose well. When you download files then automatically you will immediately point to http://safelinkbelajarmatematika.blogspot.co.id, then you will be served a page Safelink which only form of one Any posting. 

Okay we just go ahead with a no-nonsense how to download on this blog.

  1. HTML5
  2. Then scroll down to find the article DOWNLOAD just click on it then please download it.

  3. After you click the DOWNLOAD writing then you will be brought to my Safelink blog that looks like the following

  4. please wait for no writing Please Wait ... Link will Appear in 5 Second This indicates you have to wait about five seconds to wait for the original link appears.

  5. After waiting 5 seconds it will appear Visit Link button. Now please click on the button and you will be taken to the download page.

  6. Please download in accordance with the wishes of bloggers.
The question is why should I use Blog Safelink? Is not it just more practical? Ahh ... I do not know the answer. Blog Traffic might want to add or increase revenue. I just follow other blogs using Safelink. Sure there was a specific purpose that can not be explained in detail here.

If bloggers have any questions about the blog, or want to create a blog Safelink can contact me in the comments field. May be useful.